Aug 25, 2021

Patent Lawyer Qualifications

Article By Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock
In order to become a patent lawyer a person must have sufficient scientific and technical training to the satisfaction of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Furthermore, the patent lawyer must have passed their state bar exam and be admitted to practice as a lawyer in at least one U.S. jurisdiction. Additionally, a patent lawyer must have passed the patent bar exam instituted by the USPTO.

Therefore, the three main requirements to become a patent lawyer are:

1. Scientific and Technical Training;
2. Passed State Bar and Admitted to Practice as a General Lawyer;
3. Passed USPTO Patent Bar and Admitted to Practice as Patent Lawyer;

Scientific and Technical Training generally means obtaining at least a bachelor’s of science degree in a technical subject such as computer science, computer engineering, biochemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, or biology, etc. The degree must include a substantial amount of physics courses required of physics majors.
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