A provisional patent application provides a client a fast and more affordable means of initiating patent protection for their invention. Bullock Law is able to electronically submit applications directly to the United States Patent and Trademark Office without time restrictions. This means that an application can be submitted after business hours or on the weekends. Once a client receives their filing date and application number, they are able to claim "Patent Pending" status on their invention and may market their idea accordingly.


Ease: A Provisional Patent application is a fast, easy, cost-efficient way to ward-off thieves and litigation over your invention. The ease by which a provisional patent application is accepted by the Patent Office is a tremendous benefit to the inventor. Since the beginning of 2013, the American Invents Act changed from emphasizing protection for the first inventor to emphasizing protection for the first person to file a patent application. Therefore, quickly filing a patent application is important to prevent a competitor from beating your filing date and claiming your invention as their own.

Patent Pending: Once the inventor has been given a patent filing date and application number they may claim their invention is "patent pending". The term Patent Pending lets competitors know that you have initiated the patent process as of your filing date and that stealing your idea will result in them being sued by you if the patent issues. Having a Patent Pending also gives credibility to your invention and lets investors, marketers, companies, business associates, and consumers know that you are serious about following through with your idea.

With a provisional patent application you get the advantage of a quick filing date and application number. You get the "Patent Pending" label on your invention allowing you to market your idea more comfortably. You add credibility to your invention and you buy yourself 12 months to secure financing for the longer, more expensive non-provisional patent application process.


Time Limit: Once a provisional patent application has been approved by the USPTO, an inventor may claim "Patent Pending" status on their invention for 12 months from their application filing date. Before the 12 month time limit expires, an inventor must file a non-provisional patent application claiming the invention stated in the provisional application, or lose the benefit of their application number, filing date, and "Patent Pending" status. Furthermore, an inventor is not guaranteed that their patent will issue once they have received an application filing number and date. A Provisional Patent application only claims the idea was the inventor's as of the filing date.

Details: The provisional patent application description needs to be as detailed as a nonprovisional patent application. Most inventors aren't aware of the level of detail necessary to make their application effective. The provisional patent application must be detailed enough to enable the invention or the provisional patent application filing date will be effectively lost.

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