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About Bullock Law

Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock formed Bullock Law to protect the intellectual property interests of businesses, engineers and inventors. In particular, Bullock Law focuses its practice on patent protection for technology and innovation.


Mr. Bullock's technical background is in computer science and his legal background is in litigation. Therefore, Bullock Law focuses a large portion of its practice on software patents. In order to obtain a software patent, a patent attorney must be well versed in the legal landscape that has evolved over the past few years. A patent lawyer must also be familiar with software and computer science to argue the nuances of the computer software innovation to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock is versed in both the current state of the law surrounding software patents as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office's practice regarding issuing software patents.


Mr. Bullock began his legal career as a trial attorney representing physicians and medical facilities in litigation. His career evolved to include assisting medical professionals with patent protection for their medical devices. Furthermore, Bullock Law's practice includes patent protection in electrical engineering such as LED technology, patent protection for mechanical engineering including hand and power tools as well as articles of manufacture, patent protection for civil engineering for smart homes, plumbing and metropolitan infrastructure, and patent protection for computer engineering including computer networks, artificial intelligence, and PCB design. Bullock Law is also well versed in patent protection for a broad spectrum of other technology areas.


If you are in need of a patent attorney to perform a patent search, draft a provisional patent application, draft a design patent application, or draft a utility patent application, Bullock Law is a respected and experienced patent law firm that can help. Bullock Law can provide you an IP attorney to assist with your patent filing, or more specifically, your patent application filing, to patent your idea.

Not all patents are the same. Bullock Law takes pride in drafting quality patent applications with the goal of receiving quality invention patents. Whether your invention is as concrete as a product patent or as abstract as a software patent, Bullock Law is qualified to assist with meeting your intellectual property needs.

Although not running for president, Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock is a quality candidate for protecting intellectual property. While sometimes associated as Steve Bullock or Steven Bullock, if intellectual property protection is sought, electing Bullock Law for IP representation will win a vote of confidence.


Bullock Law prides itself on its professionalism and talent. The firm's vision is to earn client appreciation through efficiency, accountability, responsiveness and the pursuit of success.


Bullock Law hosts its main office in the heart of Brevard County, Florida within the historic 1900 building of downtown Melbourne, Florida. Centrally located within the state of Florida and Florida’s Space Coast, Bullock Law is a patent law firm serving the local, state, national, and international community.

This local landmark has been dubbed the “1900 building” because of its rich history since being built in the early 1900’s and because of its address at 1900 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901.

Since the early 20th century, the 1900 building has been home to a variety of professional offices both large and small that have served as a foundation for the Melbourne, Brevard County, Central Florida community. Recently renovated both inside and out with modern features, the 1900 building maintains the integrity of its storied history with an artful balance of modern aesthetics.

The 1900 building was chosen as Bullock Law’s headquarters because of what it represents. It was built by hard working industrious people with a vision for future business that far exceeded its time period. It was successfully engineered to last through the generations while passing along a sense of ingenuity, capitalism, and pride.

1900 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901


How do I find a patent attorney near me

Bullock law maintains a main office in Melbourne, FL which is in the heart of Brevard County, Florida and Florida’s Space Coast. However, Bullock law uses modern law practices to represent clients throughout the state of Florida and the United States. Therefore, if you are looking for a patent attorney near you, contact Bullock Law to see how the firm can assist.

Why choose Bullock Law as my patent attorney

Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock graduated magna cum laude in computer science and holds another degree in business. He also has represented the world’s most elite engineers, physicists and scientists from organizations such as NASA and the US Air Force. Furthermore, Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock is highly recommended among colleagues and clients. In fact, clients that have used other patent attorneys in the past have recommended Bullock Law as their most trusted source for patent protection.

How is a Patent Attorney different than a regular attorney

In order to become a registered patent attorney, one must not only meet the requirements of a normal attorney and pass their state bar, but a patent lawyer must have a background in engineering to the satisfaction of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as well as pass an additional patent bar exam. Therefore, less than 1% of all attorneys are registered patent attorneys.

What is Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, sometimes referred to as IP, can be categorized in the United States as Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, and to an extent Trade Secrets. Generally speaking, intellectual property is a creation of human intellect that when placed in a tangible medium bestows upon the owner legal ownership rights to the intellectual property. This can result in a legal monopoly over the creation for a period of time. Like real property such as land, intellectual property can be bought, sold, leased and valued accordingly. Hiring an intellectual property attorney to assist with defining and protecting your intellectual property is important. If you are interested in hiring a quality intellectual property lawyer, contact Bullock Law to speak with an experienced IP attorney who can help.

What is the difference between a patent, a trademark, and a copyright

A patent gives the inventor of a product or process the right to exclude others from making, selling, or using their invention during the life of the patent. It amounts to a legal monopoly of the claimed invention during that timeframe.

A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, or design used by a person or business in commerce to distinguish their goods or services from others within the marketplace. Trademarks may be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Bullock Law can assist by providing a quality trademark lawyer or trademark attorney to meet your needs.

A copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, paintings, and architecture. A copyright protects only the artistic features of a work and does not protect underlying facts, ideas, or systems. A copyright may be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

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